Why Honeyman?

Honeyman is a name synonymous with excellence in water sterilisation and provisioning. The Honeyman Group are a trusted partner providing technical engineering services, water purification, storage and distribution equipment to the global pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and related healthcare industries for more than 25 years. Through the provision of pharmaceutical water & steam equipment manufacture and installation, laboratory analytical services, training, assurance, validation and compliance services we have earned a reputation as an industry leading authority.

We pool all of our knowledge, expertise and resource into choosing and supplying systems to deliver softened, cleaner water into homes and businesses throughout the UK and Ireland. Our range of water softeners, water filters, service parts and spares are specifically designed for your water system by industry experts. We offer both Simplex and Duplex units along with a full range of replacement parts and accessories, all available to buy online with next day delivery.

We are able to taylor our engineering services for any industry, from service customers such as hospitality, catering, facilities management & cleaners to sophisticated, highly regulated clients such as pharmaceutical, medical, biotech and more. Because we approach water treatment with such exacting experience, we are very focused on ensuring efficiency, efficacy and compliance in all systems we manage and maintain.

Honeyman Values

  • Passion: Committed to be the best and have happy clients
  • Reputation: Trusted by clients for over 25 years; 75% of sales are through client referral
  • Quality: We only sell what we do well (we don’t over-commit)
  • Innovation: We create practical solutions with and for our clients
  • Accountability: If something goes wrong; we will resolve it