Purolite A502PS Anion Resin 25 Litres

Purolite A502PS Anion Resin 25 Litres

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Purolite A502PS is a macroporous poly (vinylbenzyl-trimethylammonium) exchanger which has been designed for use in the decolorization of sugar syrups. This type of anion-exchange resin has good thermal stability in most salt forms together with excellent resistance to osmotic shock, and high sorptive capacity for the complex coloring materials, both ionized and non-ionized, which occur in sugar syrups. It is used in conventional column equipment, and may either replace or be used as an adjunct to the traditional carbon adsorbents. The resin is used in the chloride salt form, and can remove 85-90% of the color from concentrated syrups at the elevated temperatures at which these are normally handled. Regeneration, using 10% NaCl, is efficient; the incorporation of about 1% NaOH in the brine is recommended to promote the removal of the more strongly-held color bodies and prevent the development of any acidity in the treated syrup.

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