Purolite C104E Dealkalisation Resin 25 Litres

Purolite C104E Dealkalisation Resin 25 Litres

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Purolite C104E is a high capacity polyacrylic weak-acid cation exchanger. The functional groups of the carboxylic type give high chemical efficiency in many applications, especially for the removal of bicarbonate alkalinity in water treatment, showing excellent uptake of alkaline earth metals provided that sufficient contact time for exchange is allowed. Its major use is in the dealkalization and softening of waters and aqueous organic solutions, thereby reducing the ionic load on the subsequent strong-acid resin bed. Because it has a lower density than the conventional strong-acid resins, Purolite C104, DL grade can be used in layered beds (Doublite) which can be economically regenerated by an upflow countercurrent technique.

This product has also been used to selectively recover transition metals from aqueous solutions. The resin is insoluble in acids, alkalis, and all common solvents. Purolite C104E is specially treated to remove extractables. These properties make it ideal for use in potable and food grade applications.

This weak acid cation resin has is the main weak acid cation resin used for dealkalisation. It is a direct replacement for Purolite C105 and can be mixed with C105.
This is a food grade version of Purolite C104 and this type of resin is widely used within the brewing and soft drinks industry to produce water for lagers and the production of soft drinks. It has UK approval as a weak acid cation resin for potable water applications.

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 76 cm


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