Purolite C107E Dealkalisation Resin 25 Litres

Purolite C107E Dealkalisation Resin 25 Litres

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Purolite C107E is a high purity, high capacity weakly acidic cation exchange resin developed to treat water for potable use. It also has particularly fast kinetics. The carboxylic acid functionality gives Purolite C-107E high efficiency in many applications, especially for the removal of bicarbonate alkalinity in water treatment, showing excellent uptake of alkaline earth metals in a relatively short contact time. It’s major use is in the dealkalization and softening of waters

PUROLITE C107E has been specially treated so that extractibles are removed, resulting in a resin which is free from taste and odor. Treatment with PUROLITE C107E converts the bicarbonates in the feed supply to carbon dioxide. This imparts a pleasant taste to the treated water, while at the same time achieving hardness reduction and a lower pH which largely eliminates the potential for scum or scale formation when using the water for domestic purposes or in the processing of food or beverages.

This weak acid cation resin is sold in large volumes for use in drinking water filters, jug filters, steam ovens and high quality vending machine cartridges and is often used in conjunction with activated carbon. This combination results in a better quality and better tasting water. The carbonic acid formed on waters with high temporary hardness gives the water a sparkling appearance. This resin is not normally used in regenerated systems. In drinking water filter applications it is used to not only to reduce temporary hardness but it will also remove trace levels of metals present and it will continue to work as a heavy metals removal resin even when the resin is exhausted to temporary hardness. Special grades / mixes of this product are available to cater for clients specific requirements.

Weight 25 kg
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