5 Litre Concentrated Resin Cleaner

5 Litre Concentrated Resin Cleaner

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Resin Clean is an ion exchange resin cleaner that washes and reinvigorates the resin during the regeneration cycle helping to restore the exchange capacity of the resin. Water softening systems can become clogged by the sheer volume of iron and other contaminants permeating and thus lose their performance.

Regular use of Resin Clean is recommended to minimize contamination and to extend the life of the ion exchange resin in water softeners.

– Resin Clean is highly concentrated and therefore achieves excellent results.
– Resin Clean is not electronic and is easy to install and use.
– Resin Clean is a specially developed liquid cleaner that removes iron, manganese, silt and other contaminants from the resin bed.

Add 10 ml of the Resin Cleaner ion exchange resin cleaner per liter of ion exchange resin.

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