Pallas Viva SO Gravity Based UF 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Pallas Viva SO Gravity Based UF 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

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Clean drinking water is a necessity and provides a lot of health benefits. In a developing country like ours, getting clean drinking water is a serious challenge for a large portion of the population.

Non-electric water purifiers are a great choice under various scenarios like:

No electricity.
No running water.
Need for portable water purifier.
Remote areas.
Low TDS water supply.
Very low budget.
Apart from the above, non-electric water purifiers offer several other advantages like easy to maintain, easy to install, very low cost of maintenance and no wastage of water.

Non-electric water purifiers are also known as Gravity-based or UF water purifiers. Gravity-based water purifiers work without electricity and are best for purifying water from sources like municipal corporation water supply, sources that have low TDS (generally less than 300 ppm).

Filter your own drinking water with the Viva 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System from Pallas. It improves both the taste and quality of your drinking water and means not buying anymore water in bottles!

This unpumped version requires 3 bar pressure.

Using Reverse Osmosis membrane technology it reduces up to 99% of the chlorine, taste and odours, sediment as well as virtually all bacteria, pesticides, insecticides and viruses. Reverse Osmosis systems will also remove Micro Plastics from your water.

Main features –
10″ White Opaque Housing
10″ 5 micron Spun (sediment) filter
10″ GAC Carbon Catridge Filter
10″ Block Carbon Cartridge Filter
10″ Inline Coconut Post Carbon Filter
75 GPD membrane
3.2 Gallon Metallic Pressurised Storage Tank
Automatic Shut-off valve
24 volt 1.2 Amper Mechanic Adapter
Weight 11.5kg
Jako connection
Dimensions (cm) – 57 x 42.5 x 32.5

The inlet water connection on the unit can be made via a self-piercing valve onto a normal copper pipe.

The only other connection required is to a suitable drain outlet.

Treated water is supplied via a separate faucet tap which is provided with the unit. Pressure tank included.

All units are boxed with full instructions and installation materials for D.I.Y. fitting.
Stage 1: Sediment Removes turbidity
Stage 2: Carbon Block Reduces chlorine and improves taste and odour
Stage3: Carbon GAC Reduces chlorine and improves taste and odour
Stage 4: RO Membrane Metals, nitrate/nitrite, pesticides, chemicals, bacteria
Stage 5: Inline Carbon Reduces chlorine and improves taste and odour





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