Reverse Osmosis RO Membrane 75 GPD for Pallas Viva

Reverse Osmosis RO Membrane 75 GPD for Pallas Viva

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Thin Film Composite reverse osmosis membranes giving excellent performance for a wide variety of applications including low-pressure tapwater purification, single-pass seawater desalination, chemical processing, and waste treatment.

This membrane exhibits high rejection at low pressures with very stable long-term operation.

If replacing your existing membrane it is advisable to renew the flow restrictor at the same time. Failure to replace the flow restrictor may result in premature failure of the new membrane.

Capacity of 75 gallons per day (approximately 300 litres per day) depending on the conditions of work Compatible equipment Storm, Proline hidrotek etcccc the membrane are the key and the makers of separate the impurities in the water. These membranes can be considered as molecular filters. The size of the pores of these filters membranes is extremely tight. So that it requires a considerable pressure to move quantities of water through them. The Dirt that remain in the membranes are then drawn and washed by the same flow of water. In this way the self-cleaning system performs a constant. This flow of waste water in direct relationship with the type of membrane that is used and its requirements.


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