Let Us Install Your Water System For You!

Ready to connect your brand new softener or filter system? Leave it to us!

All water softeners should be installed in compliance with Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999. Our engineers are highly skilled, knowledgeable and reliable who are accustomed to stringent standards and as such always perform a quality, professional job. Who better to carry out the work than trained professionals, familiar with the equipment being installed! We can accommodate domestic, commercial and industrial customers for the complete installation of any of our Water Softeners or Water Filters. To discuss your requirements and availability, call our engineering team on 01833 690101.

The cost of installation will depend on your location, size of the project, point of entry, additional requirements (e.g. sockets, pipework) and any other custom work required on site. Honeyman Group provide our fitting service either directly or subcontracted to our approved installation partner.

Bespoke Design Services

Our engineering design team are able to plan and plot all components of your custom water treatment system, ensuring efficiency, efficacy and exceptional build quality. From designing bespoke filtration skids, to reverse osmosis systems, UV treatments to complete pure water and steam and WFI installations, we’re able to provide the best end to end design, build and maintenance packages.

Our engineers have decades of experience in complete water filtration and softening systems design, a team comprising the designers of the award winning HydroGienic® pharmaceutical pure water distribution, trusted by laboratories across the UK and Ireland.

If you have a bespoke project to discuss call our engineering team on 01833 690101.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Every water system should have a scheduled maintenance plan carried out at regular intervals. It may also occur that unforeseen faults arise that need urgent attention. Don’t panic, Honeyman have you covered.

Our maintenance plans include:

Urgent Call-out Response

Depending on your location within UK and Ireland, Honeyman Water can offer an 24-48h call out service to analyse or rectify your problem.

System Health Checks

A full system health check to identify any risk of deficiencies or future flaws before non-compliance is reached. Our principal consultants will review your pure water/steam system and provide an overview and report on performance, compliance and management issues, bench-marked against current industry best practice and GMP.

Maintenance Schedule Plans

Reviewing, producing or updating a maintenance schedule plan. Honeyman will review your water/steam system’s maintenance schedule plan and advice on actions that are needed to ensure your system maintains “good health”.

Routine Maintenance

Carrying out routine maintenance as defined in the maintenance schedule plan. Our support team will carry out routine maintenance of your system. As part of this maintenance Honeyman will check all parts and material for wear and tear and replace where applicable.

Problem Diagnosis

If your water system develops any problems, Honeyman will advise on the best possible solution for your business, utilising our extensive knowledge of water/steam systems.

System Upgrades

Honeyman can upgrade your water/steam system to current industry standards to give you the best operational use and control of your system.

We can take full responsibility for the maintenance of your water system. Honeyman will identify potential financial and operational risks that the current system might pose, allowing for rectification before any costly, unexpected breakdowns arise.

To discuss how Honeyman can maintain your water or pure steam system, please contact us so we can arrange a call back at a time convenient to you.