Pallas Viva RO500 Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Water System

Pallas Viva RO500 Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Water System

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The Pallas RO500 Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System uses the most advanced technologies in the world.

This is a Direct Flow R.O System with no storage tank, offering around 1800 litres per day of pure water.

Supplied complete with all tubing, connections and mini faucet tap.

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems have been designed to remove physical, chemical and microbiological pollutants in water and to produce excellent quality drinking water. The Direct Flow system means that there is no need for s storage tank – you get water directly from the R.O. on demand to a maximum of 300 gallons a day.

The 3 main filters should be changed every six months and the membrane every three years.

Domestic & Commercial RO’s improve the water quality by removing minerals such as sodium, sulphate, chlorine, sediment and bacteria. Better water not only influences and improves your appliances life span, but also the taste and smell of your water.


– Direct flow

– 20″ White Opaque Housing (Double O-Ring)

– 20″ 5 Micron Spun (Sediment) Filter

– 20″ GAC Carbon Cartridge Filter (UDF)

– 20″ Block Carbon Cartridge Filter (CTO)

– 500 GPD Membrane

– 500 GPD Pump

– Adapter

– 304 SS faucet


– Short payback time

– No more bottles of water

– No handling of heavy packaging

– Less waste

– No stock of bottles needed

– Water filtration up to 1/1000 µ with removal of:

Chlorine taste


Heavy metals



– 24h/24h clear and pure water

– Plug & Play systems

– Compact unit

– Sustainable

– Low carbon footprint (No transport of water)

– Better taste of your coffee and tea

– Perfectly suitable for ironing

– Greener plants & flowers stay fresh longer

– No need to use a towel to dry crystal glasses after rinsing with RO water


49cm W x 90cm H x 33cm D

Weight 23kg.

Min 2 bar pressure


1st Stage: 5 micron pp sediment filter. The pre-sediment filter retains suspended materials and particles in the water and protects successive filtration’s, especially the membrane filter. (1 mm=1000 micro).

2nd Stage: Activated carbon filter removes pollutants, which are harmful to human health and membrane filter, by retaining organic substances and high amounts of carcinogenic chlorine and chlorine compounds.

3rd stage: Block carbon filter is used for more sensitive particle filtration to retain the suspended materials in the water.

4th stage: Membrane filter. The semi-permeable membrane with 8-12 angstrom pores retains bacteria, viruses and heavy metals in the water at 95-98% and pollutant runs to the drainage through wastewater part of membrane.

5th stage: Last carbon filter (post carbon). Water runs through the carbon filter at the last stage to provide clean and extremely safe drinking water.

Dimensions 50 × 24 × 80 cm



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