13″ x 54″ Arsenic Reduction Filter, Clack WS1CI 1″ 1.7 m3/hr

13″ x 54″ Arsenic Reduction Filter, Clack WS1CI 1″ 1.7 m3/hr

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Arsenic is found naturally in many parts of the UK and Ireland and with the lowering of the European drinking water standards for arsenic it’s removal is vital. The contaminated water passes through robust granular Bayoxide media developed for Severn Trent Water. As the water travels through the media the arsenic is absorbed and removed to a level below the drinking water standard. This treatment is a very cost effective way of removing arsenic.

This vessel size will treat up to 6000m3 at 25g Arsenic

This product is permitted under Regulation 5 for use in Private Water Supplies in England and Wales per DEFRA regulations http://www.dwi.defra.gov.uk/drinking-water-products/pws/Transitional-pws.pdf

This filter unit is supplied partially assembled for shipping. Some assembly will be required. All components and instructions will be supplied.

Supplied with the Clack 1″ WS1CI digital control valve suited for residential and small commercial and industrial applications with fully programmable regeneration cycle sequences (maximum 9) and programmable regeneration cycle times and maximum service flow rate of 27 gpm (122 lpm)

Dimensions 34.1 × 39 × 158.4 cm
Cylinder Size (Inches)

13 x 54

Connector Size


Max Flow (m3/hr)

1.7 m3/hr

Backwash Flow Rate m3/hr


Valve Model

Clack WS1CI

Valve Brand

Media Volume


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Valve / Head Unit Data Sheet


Filter Media Datasheet


Operation Manual

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