13″ x 54″ Crystal Right CR100 Simplex Filter, Evolve, 2 m3/hr

13″ x 54″ Crystal Right CR100 Simplex Filter, Evolve, 2 m3/hr

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Crystal Right works by an ion exchange process which reduces iron, manganese ammonia and hardness and can increase low pH all in a single process. The minimum pH requirement is 6. The regeneration process is exactly the same as that used in a water softener and requires regeneration with salt There are two types of Crystal Right. CR100 is used where the pH is over 6 and when the pH is low often increases the pH. CR200 is used where the pH is 7 or above (has a higher capacity). Consult the specification sheet for water quality conditions.

This filter unit is supplied partially assembled for shipping. Some assembly will be required. All components and instructions will be supplied.

Supplied with the Evolve valve with built in chlorine generator which, on regeneration, produces chlorine to disinfect the media and stop smelly bacteria build up. The result is a system also reduces iron, manganese, hardness and ammonia. If KDF is added hydrogen sulphide can also be removed.

Dimensions 34.1 × 39 × 158.4 cm
Cylinder Size (Inches)

13 x 54

Connector Size


Max Flow (m3/hr)

2 m3/hr

Backwash Flow Rate m3/hr


Resin Volume (Litres)





Valve Model


Valve Brand

Media Volume


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Valve / Head Unit Data Sheet


Filter Media Datasheet

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