21″ x 60″ Birm Filter, Autotrol 293 2″ 2.7 m3/hr

21″ x 60″ Birm Filter, Autotrol 293 2″ 2.7 m3/hr

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Birm is a relatively inexpensive material which can be used for iron and manganese removal by oxidation. It requires a pH of 7 or more for Iron removal and pH 8 for manganese removal (it uses dissolved oxygen in the water to oxidise the metal). As it acts a catalyst it is not consumed so Birm doesnt require regenerating or topping up. Birm also has the advantage of acting as a filter, removing turbidity. If the pH of the water is too low pH correction may be required. Media life expectancy is 2 to 3 years.

This filter unit is supplied partially assembled for shipping. Some assembly will be required. All components and instructions will be supplied.

Supplied with the Autotrol 293 with frictionless sealing, fully adjustable 3 or 5 cycle control and service flow rate of 50 gpm (345 lpm) with a backwash of 89 gpm (404 lpm)

Dimensions 55.2 × 57.9 × 221.2 cm
Cylinder Size (Inches)

21 x 60

Connector Size


Max Flow (m3/hr)

2.7 m3/hr

Backwash Flow Rate m3/hr


Valve Model

Autotrol 293

Valve Brand

Media Volume


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Valve / Head Unit Data Sheet


Filter Media Datasheet


Operation Manual

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