42″ x 78″ Filter Ag Sediment Filter, Clack WS2H 2″ 11 m3/hr

42″ x 78″ Filter Ag Sediment Filter, Clack WS2H 2″ 11 m3/hr

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Sediment filters are needed when the water supply is cloudy or turbid. The easiest way to remove the particles is by passing the water through a media where the particles get stuck allowing clear water to flow through. The particles can be periodically backwashed away to drain. Sand is the ideal media for this. Only the highest quality, triple washed 0.4 to 0.8mm size water treatment grade sand is used in these systems (typically reducing particles to about 40m). A sand Filter Ag mix gives filtration down to about 20m and Turbidex (see previous page) can reduce particles down to 5m.

This sediment filter unit is supplied partially assembled for shipping. Some assembly will be required. All components and instructions will be supplied.

Supplied with the Clack 3″ WS3 digital side mount control valve suited for commercial and industrial applications with fully programmable regeneration cycle sequences (maximum 9) and programmable regeneration cycle times and maximum service flow rate of 250 gpm (946 lpm) with backwash flow rate of 220 gpm (833 lpm).

Dimensions 113.3 × 113.3 × 275.5 cm
Cylinder Size (Inches)

42 x 78

Connector Size


Max Flow (m3/hr)

11 m3/hr

Backwash Flow Rate m3/hr

Resin Volume (Litres)



Valve Model

Clack WS2H

Valve Brand

Media Volume


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Valve / Head Unit Data Sheet


Filter Media Datasheet


Operation Manual

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