Swan Large Water Softener With Clack WS1CI Valve High Flow 1 1/4″ Metered

Swan Large Water Softener With Clack WS1CI Valve High Flow 1 1/4″ Metered

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The Swan Water Softener from Honeyman is a stylish self-contained complete home water softening system. Comprising a stylish cabinet measuring 119 cm h x 32.5cm wide x 52cm depth unit, with an internal resin bed cylinder size of 35 Litres making a suitable home water softening system for families of up to 10 and an ideal choice for small – medium sized businesses.

This softener comes with the Clack WS1 CI valve with a programmable meter control.

What is Hard Water?

Water that has high concentrations of dissolved mineral content, most commonly calcium and magnesium, is known as Hard Water. Hard water is found where water supplies pass through, or are stored in, chalk, limestone, and marble and is responsible for the formation of scale. It is visibly cloudy and can soil and clog pipework, fixtures and fittings, including appliances and anything else using mains water.

How does a water softener work?

A Honeyman water softener passes water entering the building through a tank of an ion exchange resin, microbeads specifically designed to trap dissolved minerals, largely calcium and manganese. Once all those hard minerals that create lime scale and scum have been removed, you’re left with soft water flowing through your water system.

When the resin has become congested with the unwanted particles, the system needs to clean itself. This cleaning process is called regeneration where salt is mixed with water to create a brine solution, which is then washed through the resin, picking up the trapped minerals which are then are flushed away through a drain hose. The resin is then able to continue cleaning the incoming water until it needs to perform the regeneration process again.

How often are regenerations performed?

Regenerations in this metered model are set by a water meter which triggers the process after a set amount of water used. By monitoring your water usage, the softener learns and performs regenerations based upon this information. Regeneration is pre-set to take place in the early hours, minimising the occurrence of water being used during a regeneration cycle.

What are the benefits of water softening?

Hard water spells bad news for boilers, dishwashers, kettles and washing machines. Eliminating scale causing calcium and magnesium from your system results in softer laundry loads when clothes washing and cleaner, brighter dishes and cutlery in the dishwasher. Having cleaner appliances also means there€™s less chance of developing faults, reducing the likelihood and cost of unexpected service, maintenance or replacement and can aid, and improve, overall operational performance. The increased life of your appliances alone pays many times over the price of a water softener! Restaurants, Caterers, window cleaners, hotels, laundrettes, facilities management cleaners all benefit from less commercial cleaning chemicals, longer lasting appliances, and thus reduced expenditure.

Removing scale forming minerals has direct health benefits too. The minerals present have been proven to irritate skin especially if you suffer from eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis. Soap is less effective in hard water because it reacts with the excess minerals to form calcium or magnesium salts. This can create a film on the skin and hair, preventing the moisture getting through and results in rough, dry, tangled, and dull / lifeless hair and dry, flaky and irritable skin and has been proven to be a cause of eczema in healthy skin.

A water softener reduces the products you need to effectively wash and lather as the water itself will penetrate, giving your whole family more luxurious, healthy skin and hair. A shower with soft water can feel luxurious in comparison to hardened water €“ this makes our products extremely popular with hotels, bed and breakfasts, spas and other businesses in the luxury service industry.

Dimensions 52 × 32.5 × 119 cm
Resin Volume (Litres)


Valve Brand

Valve Type


Softener Capacity (Litres @ 300ppm CaCO3)



Cylinder Size (Inches)

10 x 35

Media Volume

Valve Model

Clack WS1CI


3/4" O.D. Tubing

Max Flow (m3/hr)

7.7 m3/hr

Connector Size


Max Pressure (Bar)


Max Water Temperature (°C)


Min Pressure (Bar)


Min Water Temperature

Protect from Freezing


1/2" Hose Connector

Salt Per Regen (Kg)


Salt Storage Capacity



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Valve / Head Unit Data Sheet


Operation Manual


Salt Datasheet

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